About Us

Founded in 1987 in Flores da Cunha, in the far south of Brazil, Treboll Móveis was born to produce and commercialize furniture for home and business. Since then, 80% of its products are designed for the foreign market, with a strong presence in the United Kingdom, United States and France. Innovation, attention to the environment and good-will towards its employees and clients are the principles that run Treboll, and that’s why the company reinvents itself every year, searching for new market fields, clients, products and challenges. Given its market competency and its business vision, Treboll was awarded in two editions of the Prêmio Exportação (Export Prize), in the Sectorial Highlights - Furniture category. Currently the company counts with 300 employees.



Spaces with personality.


To be a globally active industry, inovative, efficient and dynamic, a role model for culture and work as a way of perpetuating our business.


Create, develop and sell furniture with the possibility of combining them into products that serves the most wide needs of our costumers in a lucrative way.


Susteinable growth; Commitment to results; Respect towards the environment; Professional management.

Since 2012 Treboll Móveis has been running the luxury brand De La Vie Decor. More than providing furniture, De La Vie wants to be a representation of people and how they live. Its products are divided into these collections: Colonial, Color, Loft, Classic, Oriental, Legno, Okyl and Flat. 

How we work

  • Coleções de Produtos

  • Exclusive Development

    Working in direct touch with the client, Treboll creates and produces peculiar projects. According to the necessities of the spaces and the client, our products are developed in a very unique way, from the design to the assembly and installation.

  • Original Projects

    Furniture designed with originality. Starting with trend research, following the seek for inspiration in national and international fairs, Treboll design projects and sign a unique series of products for all kinds of spaces.

  • Outsourcing the production

    Treboll produces in partnership with other companies, in partial or complete execution of certain parts of the furniture.

Tecnology and Production

Wood Drying

  • Volume: 191m³
  • Marrari Equipment 
  • Duration of the drying process: 120 hours avg.



The quality and durability of our products are a reflection of the use of an advanced production system. We work with a large variety of industrial machinery, made in Brazil and abroad, that uses the latest technology and guarantee results.


Painting and Finishing

  • UV Painting Line, with 60 meters and ability to paint 2 colors by lot.
  • Edge UV Painting Line, with 25 meters.
  • Single Line with PU painting, with 370 meters and 3 booths for different types of finishing.



  • The company follows the packaging standards requested by our clients, varying on the market and the kind of sale. All packaging goes through drop test, thus preventing unnecessary product return.


Process quality

  • Quality in Treboll is worked on in 3 fronts. The first is STQ (Treboll Quality System), where we work constantly on the search for quality improvement in the administrative procedures. The second front is the Process Quality, where our experts analyze the production procedures based on customer demands. And the last one is the Quality Control, where the Quality Inspectors check on the manufacturing and the finishing processes, making sure the product leaves the company with the desired high quality.

Raw Materials

Pinus wood, cultivated with excelency for over a century in the south of Brazil, MDF and MDP are important raw materials in the making of Treboll’s furniture, it provides a homogenic product with a higher durability.

Hardwood: Currently Treboll is designing some product families in hardwood. Our research intents to give the market very different and unique products, bringing back the success that products made of this wood had in the past.

Certificate Wood FSC®: is the wood that comes from certified forests and other controlled sources, in which there is a controlled extraction environment following the rules set by a international agency - FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®). The FSC® Seal is the confirmation that the wood used in the furniture manufacturing comes from environmentally correct managed forests, socially just and economically viable, and also from other controlled origin sources.  (FSC-C RA-COC-002497)

Seek for certified products FSC®